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Reduce Your Accounting Expenses by 80%

Every entrepreneur should be equipped with Accounting knowledge such as proper book-keeping habits and an understanding of compliance requirements as imposed by ACRA/IRAS. It is not about becoming an accountant, rather, knowing enough to stay out of trouble and avoid being fined.


Take charge of your Accounting matters now and save >$2,000 per year.


Quotation   : 100%      [market average]

Our Fees     : (20%)      [our value proposition of being 20% lower]

Grants         : (60%)      [Productivity and Innovation Credits]

Actual Fees : 20%        [your accounting fees]



Increase in Fines

As of 1 Dec 2015, ACRA updated its calculation methods for the late lodgement of mandatory compliance requirements such as the filing of Annual Returns to a more stringent method that substantially increased the level of fines payable for a small business, if it is late to comply. Read more here.


Being in charge of your accounts brings about the following benefits:


- better understanding of your business' profitability and cashflow situation

- saving time when filing and retriving information during daily operations

- reducing yearly accounting expenses (almost all accounting firms bill by man-days. A properly catelogued file of receipts and documents means lower accounting expenses

- avoiding being fined/penalized by ACRA/IRAS

- and more


If you are keen to learn more about basic Accounting, the following workshops are available.


1. Basic Accounting Services (BASE101)

  • Compliance Requirements and Timeline by ACRA & IRAS

  • Proper book-keeping habits

  • Accounting firms and Quotations


Who Is It For?

BASE101 is suitable for:​

  • entrepreneurs seeking to reduce their accounting expenses

  • entrepreneurs keen to learn to manage their own accounts more efficiently

  • entrepreneurs seeking to stay compliant


2. Basic Accounting Services (BASE201)

  • QBO Overview

  • Income Statement

  • Balance Sheet

  • Cash flow Statement

  • Journal Entries

  • Reconciling Everything


Who Is It For?

BASE201 is suitable for:

  • business owners keen on training up their Accounts Executive/Managers to handle the business' Financial Statements

  • start-ups seeking to manage their own accounts

  • executives in Accounting departments

  • CFOs seeking a more efficient way to run their accounting departments.

3. Consultation for Management

  • Financial Road Map/business decks

  • Investor-relations matters

  • HR matters including salary-benchmarking

  • Internal Controls/audit

  • Fund-raising & M&A matters

  • Corporate Mediation & Negotiation

Who Is It For?

Consultation is suitable for:

  • CFOs seeking funding to expand their businesses

  • Management seeking to go public

  • Management seeking to resolve shareholder issues

Income Received from Blogging or other Social Media Marketing Activities


All payments and benefits derived from the carrying on of blogging or any other marketing activities performed on social media platforms constitute gains or profits from a trade or a business under section 10(1)(a) of the Income Tax Act (ITA).  Read more here.

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Accounting Training for RA

Accounting Training for Registered Accountants

The Training is designed for all new accountants. At the end of it, trainees will be equipped with the administrative knowledge and access codes needed to complete their work. 
If you have recently been successful in your application to become a RA, you will be required to attend the compulsory 3-hour workshop.  
Location: 19 East Coast Road, #02-01 S428746 
Date/Time: TBC
POC: Nixon Ng, 9690-1638
The next few trainings will be scheduled on:
- please check with the administrator
Trainees are to bring along the following documents:
- original NRIC
- original certificates (academic and professional)
- laptop and charger
The Training will cover the following topics:
- Company Policies & Standards
- The Unaudited Financial Statement
- Dapulse
- Contract & Practising License
Please click here to email in your concerns/clarifications if any.
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