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Business Development Managers/ Senior Business Development Managers
  1. . Job Scope? To facilitate and manage sales and marketing operations.

  2. Pay? Basic of $2,400/$3,000 onwards plus comms and allowance, depending on experience and aptitude.  

  3. Who's eligible?  Diploma and above. Candidates should meet the following criteria:

    • pleasant disposition.

    • able to generate and convert leads; attend networking sessions in the evenings/weekends.

    • basic accounting/finance knowledge is a plus; training will be provided


Chief Accountant
  1. Job Scope? To ensure quality control and operations.

  2. Pay? Fixed of $4,000 onwards, depending on experience and aptitude.  

  3. Who's eligible?  Chartered Accountants and above.  

    • experienced in Audit and Corp Compliance matters

    • able to manage a team of accountants


Accountants/ Senior Accountants
  1. Job Scope?  To handle accounting matters including creation of UFS, budgeting, handling of major accounts

  2. Pay? Fixed of $2,400/ $3,000 onwards, depending on qualifications/experience

  3. Who's eligible?  

    • diploma/degree/masters degree holders

    • professional qualification holders

  1. Job Scope?  To handle accounting matters including clerical admin work and basic data entry work

  2. Pay? Fixed of $1,800 onwards, depending on experience

  3. Who's eligible?  

    • diploma and above

    • professional qualification holders

Work-from-home Accountants
  1. Job Scope?  To complete book-keeping duties off-premises.

  2. Pay? $15/hour onwards, depending on speed and quality of Jobs completed. Read more here.

  3. Training will be provided. Read more here.

  4. Who's eligible?  Diploma/degree holders in Business/Accountancy. Undergrads are welcomed.

  5. A short phone interview will be conducted prior to the actual interview

Work-From-Home Tele-marketers
  1. Job Scope? 
    - To solicit sales (Accounting / bookkeeping / corp secretarial services) for the company
    - Work from home; 3 - 4 hours daily

  2. Pay?  
    - Commissions based
    - Estimated commissions of $3,000 - $4,800 per month

  3. Resources Provided?
    - Training (half-day)
    - Data-base of prospects
    - Client Relationship Management system
    - Help-desk support
    - Personal mentor
    - Reimbursement of phone bill

  4. Who's eligible? 
    - Anyone who speaks well and can sell
    - N'levels and above
    - Foreigners, students, stay-at-home mums, retirees etc welcome to apply

  5. Next Steps?
    - Phone-interview
    - Face-to-face interview
    - Attend half-day training
    - Complete employment contract
    - Start work
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