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Account Receivables Management Pte Ltd

About ARM

ARM is in the Debt Management business.  We pursue debts(Accounts Receivables) owed to our clients(the creditors).


Wholly owned by SCSPL, ARM was borne out of need to provide financial relief for SCS' clients plagued by cashflow issues.  Truth be told, some debtors are themselves creditors to others who are unable to pay.

ARM provides the following auxiliary services:

  • Debt restructuring

  • Negotiation of "Payment holidays"

  • "2nd degree" debt collection

  • Mediation

How It Works

  1. Meet Up.

    • Creditor visits ARM office and furnish information on situation.

    • Technical discussion to explain how debt collection and management works.

  2. Appointment.

    • Client(creditor) appoints ARM as collection agent.  

    • ARM has legal rights to approach, negotiate and management debt on behalf of client.​

    • Completion of paperwork.​

  3. Execution.

    • ARM ​approaches debtor and identifies itself.

    • Negotiation and restructuring of debt.

    • Client accepts new debt-repayment schedule.​

  4. Administration.

    • Debtor makes payment in part, full or via instalments.​

    • ARM withholds a 30% service fees of amount collected; returns the balance to client.

    • Appointment expires.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How effective is it?

    • There is no guarantee that debts can be recovered.​

    • Effectiveness depends on:

      • debt size

      • circumstances leading to non-repayment

      • age-of-debt

      • completeness of documentation

      • solvency of debtor

      • location of debtor

    • Creditors must be mentally prepared for non-collection, part-collection or even an escalation to litigation.​​

  2. How much does it cost to use ARM's services?

    • Costs & Disbursement fees are borne by the client.

    • Success fees of 30%

    • Monthly admin fees may apply

  3. Are you licensed?

    • SCSPL is a registered Corporate Services Provider of ACRA; our staff are "Qualified Individuals" registered with ACRA

    • We do not employ strong-arm tactics or run foul of the law

  4. How is the collection administered?

    • The collection ​will be professionally administered by our team of accountants and lawyers

    • Management reports will be sent out to the clients every month

  5. How long must I wait to see results?

    • There is no guarantee

    • ARM seeks to resolve all cases within 3 months from the date of appointment

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