Our fees are generally 20% lower than the market average.  If the client is to produce a lower quotation, we will match the difference.

- First-Year-Free* 

- Lowest Rates

Guaranteed Thereafter

1. Company Incorporation

(inclusive of $315 ACRA fees)


2. Corporate Secretary

(per year; excludes disbursements)


3. Registered Address

(per year; no charges for self pick-up)


4. Bank Account Creation

(includes the preparation of necessary documents)


5. Nominee Services - director

(per year)

$2,000 onwards

6. Nominee Services - shareholder

(per year)

$600 onwards

7. Change of Company Name/Address



8. Change of Constitution

(per change)


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Our Fees Come

With A Guarantee

Our Ethos: First Sincerity, then Business


- Smaths Corporate Services guarantees the best prices, or the difference back.


- Depending on the volume of transactions, small companies typically spend a few hundred dollars per month on outsourcing their accounting needs.  This adds up to a few thousand dollars per annum.


- This expense covers basic yearly book-keeping services as well as Compliance requirements such as Annual Returns and Tax Computation. If inventory management services and monthly accounts are required, the fees will be higher. 


Smaths Corporate Services is the

only accounting firm in Singapore

that provides a guarantee.






- In general, our rates are 20% lower than the prevailing market rate.  This is due to strategic tie-ups with our Official Partners that enable the firm to operate with minimal overheads.  The cost-savings are passed to our clients.


- If you are offered a better quotation elsewhere for the same services, we will gladly match the quotation, no questions asked.



FAQ on Fees:

1. I was quoted a low fee of $500 for all required Accounting services for my company's first year in business, but your website suggests that the average fees are in the thousands? 


>> Unlikely. Please check with the firm that indeed all services, especially "book-keeping" (aka monthly accounting services), are included in the said quotation. 



2. I was quoted an annual fee of $1,600 all-in for my start-up's accounting needs.  The accountant has promised to maintain this fee in perpetuity.  


>> To make such a promise is to assume that your business stagnants as a start-up in perpetuity. i.e. it does not grow in terms of volume of transaction, revenue amount and sophistication. This is not a realistic assumption.



3.  I feel that i have been over-quoted as our volume of transaction is low in our first few years.  Why does it still cost a few thousand dollars?  


>> It is time-consuming work. The salient item is "book-keeping". The accountant goes through every document (the invoices, the cheque book stubs, the expenses, the bank statements etc) and manually keys them into the system.  As the Corporate Secretary, the accountant is liable and can be punished by law if submissions are late. 



4. We are boot-strapping and cannot afford the accounting fees. What should we do?


>> Our first-year-free assistance package is available to new start-ups.  Contact us to enquire more now.

* Cap of 1st $1,000.  Other T&C apply.  

^ All directors/shareholders must be < 26 yo; Company must not be in business for > 3 years.




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