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Virtual Chief Marketing Officer (V.CMO)

Your Outsourced Marketing Officer.

We represent years of combined recent experiences. So instead of a single internal generalist trying to do it all, you tap into the synergy of a team of expertise — who are continually brainstorming, collaborating, and refining your marketing initiatives. At the cost of hiring a junior marketing executive, clients can gain access to a wealth of strategic marketing support.


We make your dollar work harder and go farther

-     Acting as the gatekeeper for your marketing budget

-     We allocate your marketing dollar intelligently and responsibly

-     Ensure that strategies are practical and actionable. Not pie-in-the-sky.

-     Strategy-first as the foundation for tactics.

A VCMO service is suitable for a business-owner who:

- is looking to reduce the business' overheads by outsourcing his or her entire marketing department.  MORE PROFITS.

- wants to engineer a strategic digital marketing plan centered on the consumer. Because it is much harder for in-house employees to divorce themselves from company politics and groupthink, the objective strategic vision from us will produce results more reliably. It is that jolt is often just what a business needs to move to the next level.MORE EFFICIENCY.

- is need of an instantly prepared and specialized team available whenever a shift requires adapting your marketing strategy. BETTER PREPARED FOR EXPANSION.

- has no time to audit staff's work.  MORE TIME.

No Additional Fees, Just A Flat Monthly Retainer

         Most Popular!        
(VCMO 101)
$600 / month
Limited to 20 Man Hours per Month
- Social Media Strategy Direction
and Set Up
- Content and Social Marketing Strategy
- Research of Industry Standards and Analysis of Company will be done before proposal of content strategy
- 12 post, 8 stories/month on FB/IG
- Development of Organic Brand Visuals
- Community Engagement
- Setting up of specific keywords, phrases or hashtags.
- Gaining more organic followers and developing core audience
(VCMO 201)
$1,900 / month
Limited to 30 Man Hours per Month
- All in VCMO 101

- SEO Marketing*

- 01 x Management of Contest/Giveaway*
- 02 x Product Endorsement* by Seed Ventures or its partners
*excluding 3rd party cost and disbursment 
$3,500 / month
Limited to 30 Man Hours per Month
- All in VCMO201
- SEM Marketing*
- Influencer Marketing and Account Management* 
LIVE Customer Support and Liaison with Company for CTA
*excluding 3rd party cost and disbursment 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I outsource my marketing requirements of my company?

-     To save time and increase profits.

2. Who is the service suitable for?

-     The VCMO service is suitable for any small to mid-sized businesses that are bogged down by tedious operational marketing work.

3. How much in overheads can I save?

-     Depending on your business' current setup, a VCMO can potentially reduce overheads by 30%.

4. Is the VCMO technically my employee?

-     He or she is a partner of our firm assigned to your company and is not technically an employee.  There is no CPF payable, no annual or medical leaves. It is KPI-driven.

5. Do I have to pay for 3rd Party Cost and Disbursements?
-        Yes. All external cost to paid external management fees, marketing ads, contest, giveaways and influencer marketing is borne by the client. 

6. What is the credibility of the team?

-     SV comes along with a team of existing CMOs and digital marketing strategist in top-rated companies in Singapore and around the region. ​

7. I am interested, how do we start?

-       Contact us anytime for a call/video interview! It is complimentary and we seek to solve your painpoints within marketing.

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