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Virtual Chief Finance Officer (V.CFO)

This is all about reducing overheads.
At the cost of hiring a junior accounts-executive, clients can gain access to an entire accounting department and enjoy professional services such as:

-     Corporate Secretarial services

-     Monthly bookkeeping and creation of financial statements, GST calculation, etc

-     Cheque services

-     Payroll and submission of CPF

-     Liaising with MOM/IRAS/CPF board/ACRA

-     Overhauling of accounting processes

-     Staff training

-     Creation of Financial Roadmap/business decks

-     Investor-relations matters

-     Internal controls and audit preps

-     Franchise ops

-     ISO accreditation

-     Nominee directorship

-     Legal advisory services and contract drafting 

and more.

Something More Affordable?

A VCFO service is suitable for a business-owner who:

- is looking to reduce the Business' overheads by outsourcing his or her entire accounting department.  MORE PROFITS.

- is looking to overhaul and streamline the Business' accounting processes. MORE EFFICIENCY.

- has no time to audit staff's work.  MORE TIME.

- is looking to expand the business operations quickly and in a cost-effective manner.  BETTER PREPARED FOR EXPANSION.

No Additional Fees, Just A Flat Monthly Retainer

           Most Popular!          
$1,900 / month
- 1st-month free^
- Corp Sec Services
- Monthly bookkeeping
- Cheque Services
- Payroll
- Liaising with MOM/IRAS/CPF/ACRA
- Equivalent to pay of:
Work-load of:
- 1 accounts executive
$3,500 / month
- All in VCFO101

- Mediation@

- Finance Advisory
- MAS matters (including
Licence Application)
- Equivalent to pay of:
Accounts Executive
Work-load of:
- 1 accounts executive
- 1 finance executive
$4,800 / month
- All in VCFO201
- Financial Road Map/
Business Decks
- Audit
- Mediation@@
- Investor-relation Services
- Accounts Receivable Services*
- Equivalent to pay of:
Senior Accounts Executive
Work-load of:
- 1 accounts executive
- 1 finance executive
- 1 operations executive
- 1 investment executive
$6,700 / month
- All in VCFO301
- Franchise Ops
- Mediation@@@
- Legal contracts**
- Equivalent to pay of:
Graduate Accountant
Work-load of:
- 1 accounts executive
- 1 finance executive
- 1 operations executive
- 1 Chief Investment Officer
- 1 lawyer
Something More Affordable?

^ For startups founders below 26yo & Singaporean/PR only

^^ Success-fee applies

* Offered by 3rd party contractor

** Offered by 3rd party legal representative

@ capped at 4 hours per month

@@ capped at 10 hours per month

@@@ unlimited


1. Why should I farm out my entire accounting department?

-     To save time and increase profits.

2. Who is the Service suitable for?

-     The VCFO Service is suitable for any small to mid-sized Businesses that are bogged down by administrative chores.  

3. How much in overheads can I save?

-     Depending on your Business' current setup, a VCFO can potentially reduce Administrative/Accounting/Finance overheads by 80%.

4. How much time can I save?

-     A lot!  Without having to handle the burden of Administrative and Accounting matters on your own, you can focus fully on Sales and Business Development.

5. Is the VCFO going to handle EVERYTHING for my company?

-     The VCFO will handle everything as per our terms of engagement.

6. Is the VCFO technically my employee?

-     He or she is a partner of our firm assigned to your company and is not technically an employee.  There is no CPF payable.

7. How long does it take to implement the chances?

-     Depending on the work required, it may take between 1-3 months to implement the proposed changes.

8. What is the catch?

-     As time is required to implement the changes, there is a Minimum Term of Engagement of between 3-12 months.  A Security Deposit of an amount equal to the monthly fee is required.

9. What is the Security Deposit for?

-     To ensure timely and effective implement of changes, the V.CFO needs the flexibility to commit to certain arrangements with 3rd parties who may require a deposit.  

10. How much is the service?

-     A fraction of what it would cost you to run an Accounting Department.  For instance, our basic package starts at $1,900 per month, which is the cost of  junior executive.  

11. I am unsure if this service is suitable for my Business.

-     The VCFO will work for free in the 1st Month so there is no risk.  We do this to establish a client-accountant match.  There are no obligations and the Client is free to back out at any time during the Month.

12. I am interested to try.  How shall we proceed?

-     Click on the "Contact us now!" button in red and speak to us.  1st-time clients enjoy a first-month-free* service.  T&Cs apply.

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