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Virtual Chief Human Resource Officer (V.CHRO)

SCS is an official partner of Spring Singapore's Human Resource Shared Services(HRSS) grant.  
SMEs can strengthen their HR capabilities, and look forward to savings in costs and resources required to support HR operations.
By outsourcing operational HR activities such as payroll processing and employee data administration through this initiative, SMEs will also be able to focus on core business functions and more strategic HR activities such as talent management and succession planning.
As a pre-qualified vendor, clients enjoy a 70% reimbursement off their spendings with us on HR solutions including:
1. Needs analysis
2. Training and Development
3. Performance Evaluation
4. Employee Relations
5. Employee Practices
6. HR Admin Support
7. Payroll/claims processing
8. Leave/time-sheet management
9. HR employee reports
10. HR Advisory services
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