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Virtual Compliance Officer (VCO)

SCS offers the following Compliance Checks on Companies:​
  • Full name of entity
  • Business address or principal place of business

  • Information about the purpose and intended nature of the business relations with the CMI

  • Names of all natural persons who act on behalf of the entity

  • Names of all connected parties

  • Examples of CDD Information 

  • Names of all beneficial owners 

  • Information about the source of funds

  • A report of the CMI’s visit to the customer’s place of business, where the CMI assesses it as necessary 

  • Ownership and control structure 

  • Records in an independent company registry 

  • Certificate of incumbency, certificate of good standing, share register, as appropriate 

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association 

  • Certificate of Incorporation 

  • Board resolution authorising the opening of the customer’s account with the CMI 

  • Any association the entity may have with other countries or jurisdictions (e.g. the location of the entity’s headquarters, operating facilities, branches, subsidiaries) 

  • and more...

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