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Duties of the Corporate Secretary

Appointing a Corporate Secretary is mandatory within 6 months of the incorporation of the Company

Duties include:

1. Maintain and update statutory registers of Directors, Secretaries, members, Applications and allotments

2. Maintain minute book records

3. Advise & Assist directors to ensure compliance and regulatory obligations arrange/ convene meetings of directors and members

4. Ensure voting/decision matters under consideration are carried out effectively

5. Timely conduct of Annual General Meeting


6. Annual submissions of Annual Returns to ACRA

7. Corporate Secretaries may be liable in the event of a breach of any of the matters stated above

Additionally, the Corporate Secretary is to:

1. Act in good faith in the best interest of the company

2. Act for proper purposes


3. Avoid conflict of interest


4. Carry out duties with reasonable care and diligence

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