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Virtual Chief Marketing Officer (V.CMO)

“Brand perception is the key to effective marketing.” – When you know the touch points, you can then bridge connections to consumers.

A strong brand is built on the success of both tangible and intangible elements.  The basic tangibles:- product, office space and website are insufficient to distinguish your brand apart from the competition.  The intangible portion:- significance and perception that recipients derive from the branding ultimately determines their preferred choice.

What makes your durian better than the other fruit stalls' which would have customers travel all the way from east to west for it?  What makes someone pick Coke over Pepsi or Apple over Samsung?  It is the brand connection that stimulates customer desire and motivates demand, and in turn creating a form of relevance and loyalty and therefore resulting in present and future business value.

This is where a V.CMO comes in play to craft out the brand strategy to create and retain loyalty for your business.


~ Peggy

The V.CMO service is all about reducing overheads.


At the cost of hiring a marketing-intern, clients can gain access to an entire Marketing department and enjoy professional services such as:


-     Brand Strategising

-     Social Media Marketing
-     Reputation Management

-     Image and Brand Awareness

-     Influencers Management

-     Marketing Dollars Conservation

-     Staff Training and Management

-     Creation of Marketing Roadmap/Business decks

-     Investor-Relations Matters

-     Marketing Analytics Report

-     Creative Advertising

-     Guerilla Marketing

-     Customer Relationship Management

-     Communications Crisis Management
-     Campaigns Development

-     SEO and Content Optimisation
-     Press Release
-     Brand Launches Assistance
-     Online to offline activation and vice versa


and more...

A VCMO service is suitable for a business-owner who: 

- is looking to reduce the Business' overheads by outsourcing his or her entire Marketing department.  MORE PROFITS.

- is looking to overhaul and streamline the Business' Marketing processes. MORE EFFICIENCY.

- has no time to manage Marketing campaigns.  MORE TIME.

- is looking to get his or her Business' story out there in view of investments.  BETTER PREPARED FOR EXPANSION.

No Additional Fees, Just A Flat Monthly Retainer

          Most Popular!         
$500 / month
- Social Media CRM Service
- Content Management Service (Creating, posting and boosting)

- Creative Material Creation

​- Timeline updates (3x a week on 2 platforms)
​- Monthly analysis reports and data insights

- Money Back Guarantee**
- Equivalent to pay of:
1/2 an Intern
$1,800 / month

- All in Jump Start Package


- Marketing Advisory Service (An hour)

- 1 Creative Campaign/ Contest

- SEM and develop SEO strategy

- Social Media Advertising Management

- Money Back Guarantee**
- Equivalent to pay of:
Junior Marketing Executive
$2,500 / month

- All in Small Companies Package


​- Guaranteed 2 branding awareness a month with substantial influencers (depending on business)
​- Management of all potential sponsorships

​- Crafting a sustainable brand concept

​- Building the marketing strategy around the brand

- 1 FREE simple sneak peek video into the brand

- Money Back Guarantee**
- Equivalent to pay of:
Marketing Executive


1. Why should I farm out my entire Marketing department?

-     To save time and increase profits.

2. Who is the Service suitable for?

-     The VCMO Service is suitable for any small to mid-sized Businesses that want to stand out from the crowd while managing marketing overheads

3. How much in overheads can I save?

-     Depending on your Business' current setup, a VCMO can potentially reduce marketing overheads by 80%.

4. How much time can I save?

-     A lot!  Without having to handle the burden of Marketing matters on your own, you can focus fully on Sales and Business Development.

5. Is the VCMO going to handle EVERYTHING for my company?

-     The VCMO will handle everything as per our terms of engagement.

6. Is the VCMO technically my employee?

-     He or she is a partner of our firm assigned to your company and is not technically an employee of yours, meaning to say, there is no CPF payable.  Save more! =)

7. How long does it take to implement the chances?

-     Depending on the work required, it may take between 1-3 months to implement proposed changes.

8. What is the catch?

-     As time is required to implement the changes, there is a Minimum Term of Engagement of between 6-12 months.  A Security Deposit of an amount equal to the monthly fee is required. 

9. What is the Security Deposit for?

-     To ensure timely and effective implement of changes, the VCMO needs the flexibility to commit to certain arrangements with 3rd parties who may require a deposit.  

10. How much is the service?

-     A fraction of what it would cost you to run a Marketing Department.  For instance, our basic package starts at $500 per month, which is less than half the cost of an intern.  

11. I am unsure if this service is suitable for my Business (Money Back Guarantee**)

-     Should you feel that the VCMO service is not suitable for your business, you reserve the rights to withdraw anytime within 3 months. We will refund you the balance in vouchers which you can use for any other Smaths Services. We do this to establish a client-marketer match.  There are no obligations and the Client is free to back out at any time during the first 3 months.  

12. I am interested to try.  How shall we proceed?

-     Click on the "Contact us now!" button in red and speak to us.  1st-time clients enjoy a first-month-free* service.  T&Cs apply.

$4,900 / month

- All in Growth Companies Package


​- Sponsorship management
- Cross promotion management

​- Brand reconceptualising

​- Integration of online and offline marketing strategies

- Introductory video + simple video series for 
continuous client engagement
- Management of video productions

- Creating and managing of campaigns, promotions and contests

- Marketing Dollars Management

and Advisory

- KPIs to meet

- Money Back Guarantee**

- Equivalent to pay of:
Marketing Manager
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